How effective is your communication

The Communication-scan gives you an extensive insight of your perceived image. The scan examines if the organisation-identity lines with the image of the company.

Three research goals

The communication-scan is a management tool which investigates the 'communication power' of your organisation on various levels. This research can be conducted for the following three objectives;

  1. Is our identity clearly formulated?
  2. What is our current image?
  3. Is their a difference (gap) between the perceived identity and desired image?

Communicative ability made transparent

The starting point of the process is your organisation-identity as formulated in your vision, mission, strategy and profile. The scan is able to test the validity of your organisations' identity through a survey under clients, prospects, employees and stakeholders. Results visualise a gap between the desired- and current image. The size of this gap will be a reflection of the effectiveness of your communications. The scan gives an insight of the achievements and bottlenecks of your communication policy per target group.

In short, the following conclusions are possible:

  • An adjustment of the identity is desired;
  • an adjustment of the image (through effective communications) is desired;
  • the organisation is on the right path, refinement through control and repetition is desired. 

Relevant links

Essay 'Economie van het imago'

Read our Dutch publication about the economy of an image. This publication describes the process of a communications scan more specifically.


Total Identity developed a reputation scan to give an extensive insight in your organisations' reputation.

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