Korea: CJ Group

Korea: CJ Group

Design bringing together a number of CJ affiliate companies

Today, CheilJedang Group (CJ Group) represents one of the biggest conglomerates of Korea. A strong and corporate typeface and a clear design system bring together a growing number of CJ affiliate companies.

The question

The CJ group remains expanding and has more than 15 affiliate organizations operating nationally and internationally in diverse market segments. For a stronger profile of the corporate name and the names of its affiliates, we were asked to develop a new corporate typeface as well as the brand architecture design system.

The challenge

We firstly defined three key brand issues before the creative work could start: a more international profile was required, the brand identity was not consistent in its ownership of multiple activities and the brand architecture needed to be more practical to apply. A visual analysis of renowned international players in diverse market segments was held in order to evaluate style and personality characteristics of logo’s and logotypes.

The concept

The visual analysis was used as a creative starting point for the development of the new CJ typeface. This truly unique handwriting should create the right equilibrium between a classic font whilst respecting the heritage and identity of CJ. On the other hand it should compete at an international level. Overall, the hybrid typeface should have a premium look and feel.

The added value

We created a strong and corporate typeface. Its round characteristics are derived from the CJ brand icon. Furthermore we delivered a clear design system to structure, facilitate and organize the growing number of CJ affiliate companies.

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