Belgium: Br(ik

Belgium: Br(ik

Improving the positioning of Brussels as a city for students

The Flemish government wants the Flemish higher education institutions in Brussels to join forces with Quartier Latin, the leading provider of housing for Flemish students in this city.

The question

To give hands-on shape to the process, Total Identity and Total Active Media have initially formulated the collective’s ambition together with the participants. What is the aim of the new initiative, and which role and relevance should this organization actually have for its stakeholders? 

The challenge

The shared urgency allows the partners involved to develop a solid foundation as well as the expansion of Flemish Higher Education in Brussels. It also offers the possibility of putting the vibrant student city of Brussels on the map. And the real challenge is in fact to translate the collective vision and mission into an effective strategy with a new name, corporate identity, brand strategy, cross-media communication policy, an online platform, an introduction campaign and a recruitment campaign.

The concept

The name is Br(ik. It refers to ‘Brussels... and me’. Br(ikken is also a verb that stands for the connecting, pro-active mentality of the organization. And the name is in line with the core values of the organization: authenticity, personality and real time. The organization has two major roles. The promotional role in which it takes in prospective students into the power of the university city of Brussels. And the servicing role in terms of practical issues in the life of a student in Brussels, such as housing, public transport, entertainment and the connection of networks needed to effectively develop as a person. It is a communication brand that connects (prospective) students with the city and with one another. It allows them to identify themselves with Brussels and provides them with the ‘tools’ to share their experiences in the city with one another.

The added value

With a multimedia and cross-media communication programme, Br(ik transforms the current image of living and studying in Brussels into the challenging reality. For this purpose, twelve Flemish students focus on young people in Flanders. After all, they have the perfect identity. With promotional communication - TV commercials, short films, posters, advertisements, banners and website - conversation management and iKot application, Br(ik is the ultimate guide for students in the capital city of Belgium.


The Br(ik website - - won a 2011 Red Dot Award for High Design Quality.

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Strategy director
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