Brand guides

Through effective brand management, an organisation propagates its identity, brand value and brand experience in a way that creates understanding, appreciation, support, and appropriate use, both internally and externally. By setting out proper brand management, it becomes even more effective. This product sheet demonstrates the various ways this is possible: from brand book to model book. From pure brand inspiration to millimetre-perfect definition and standardisation of the design and everything in between, depending on what best suits your organisation’s request, what you want communicate to whom and to what extent your current identity has developed.

Brand book

Brand book

A brand book is usually made for all of an organisation’s employees, but the brand is also presented in an inspiring way to new members of staff, stemming from the enterprise’s identity: mission, vision, ambition, core values (what we stand for, how we like to work, and what message we wish to put out).

In contrast to the corporate brochure, the brand book does not cover the services on offer.


  • Promotional, short powerful copy, visually oriented
  • High value and exclusive
  • Number of pages: 16-36
  • Printed, in brochure form

Brand guide

Brand guide

For everyone who is directly involved in the development of marketing and communications activities and the brand. These may all be communications professionals: both internal and external; agencies, photographers, text writers, etc.
Contents: clearly aimed at the distinctive qualities and representation of the brand, tone of voice, visual tone etc. applied to a number of resources.


  • Details of brand proposition
  • Basic elements
  • Do's / don’ts
  • Look-and-feel brand-language
  • Details of visual language, key images, corporate images
  • Number of pages: ± 24-32
  • Pre-set contents / structure
  • A4 printed /PDF

House style guide

Huisstijlwijzer guide


  • Brand and basic elements at a glance
  • Number of pages: 2- of 3-fold (4 of 6 pages)
  • Printed, laminated; office copy

User's card

Gebruikerskaart huisstijl

House style for creative professionals (internal and external) and brand managers; user’s card for staff.

Details of essential elements.


  • Templates stationery, PowerPoint
  • Style guide


Modellenboek huisstijl

For creative professionals (internal) and brand managers.
The comprehensive house style handbook with standardised basic elements and models to six fixed clusters:

  • corporate communications
  • office automation
  • marketing communications
  • buildings and surroundings
  • vehicles/material
  • clothing

With relevant files.


  • 100% standardised basic elements
  • Models to 6 fixed clusters
  • Comprehensive table of contents
  • Linked to brand guide or as hard copy
  • A3 ring file
  • Including standardised (open) source files
  • Each capable of being produced on request

i-Base, the house style management portal

huisstijl managment i-base

All of the above is available online in a 24/7 tool. It is not only available in PDF format but interactively using design tools and includes upload possibilities, news, alerts, and discussion platforms.

Working with i-Base can be done without having to change anything within your organisation. What is more, i-Base can be adapted to suit your company’s exact requirements simply by installing the right modules and functionalities.

i-Base 5.0: from guidelines to communications platform


  • Managing and consistently applying a visual identity costs a great deal of time.
  • i-Base allows everyone involved access to your visual identity and communications media
  • i-Base facilitates and guarantees the quality of all internal and external communications in a way that inspires