Brand compass

Brand compass

Workshop: give direction to your brand

Brand compass

With the brand compass of Total Identity, your challenges regarding positioning are being made communicative for all co-workers. We deliver a total product which rises through several workshops with key persons of your company. This project serves the following objectives:

  • it gives direction to your brand policy;
  • it is a consensus builder;
  • it matches your innovation-schedule with your brand objectives;
  • it is a systematical blue-print that serves as monitor on consistency;
  • it gives direction to your organization.


Careful, weighted structure

The brand compass consists of three boxes, each representing a different domain. 

The first box consists of mission, vision, ambition and says something about your identity. 

The second box consists of symbolism, core values, brand personality and pay-off. This box knows a course from internal to external focus. All those elements have a relation with the branding of your company. 

The third, and last box, represents your proposition. This part goes about the evidence of your commercial claims. The instrumental- and emotional benefits (UPS, reasons to buy) are being shaped and named. You will find the preconditions and target groups on both sides. 


Sharpen your marketing

The brand compass serves as a continues quality check in which you monitor the company' marketing operations. The following question is an example of how the brand compass relate to your daily operations; do our operations meet with our identity and philosophy? It is beside a blue-print also a starting point.

Additional services

Measure your reputation

As additional service, we can conduct a research to clarify your position in customers' minds. Total Identity developed a reputation scan to give an extensive insight in your organisations' reputation. 

How effective is your communication

The communication-scan is a management-instrument that gives you an extensive insight of your perceived image. It examines if the organision-identity lines with the image of the company. 

Brand compass canvas

If more information about this product is desired, please do not hesitate contacting us: 

Bob van der Lee

Managing director, Total Identity
T +31 20 750 95 58

Hans P Brandt

M +31 20 750 95 65