Global: Besix Group

BESIX Group is the largest Belgian group, operating in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, environmental projects and roads. The company is also active in the production of raw materials, facility management, real estate development and concessions. It profiles itself as a multi-services group, from client idea to realization and operation. The Group was founded in 1909 and has grown steadily and impressively ever since.

The question

Several companies in various disciplines of the building industry, and literally scattered over the world form a judicial entity: BESIX Group. Potential synergy effects however are non-existent. Due to a sudden and drastic change in the management structure the following question has to be answered: how can we be part of a distinctive and recognizable group?

The challenge

Unifying a heterogenic group is easier said than done. That is why we formed a project group together with several workgroups from BESIX. The meetings resulted in a final design brief that was presented to all participants and that formed the basis of the creative process.

The concept

How can we unite BESIX under one flag? Well, let’s take that literally. A flag in abstract form symbolizes presence. The flag, proud symbol of a distinguished group is planted on conquered territory and marks the highest point of a construction. Its dynamic and its moving... just like the BESIX Group. The primary corporate design colours were unaltered during the decision process: bright red, dark and light blue. To bring out these powerful characteristics the background colour is white. An extra illustrative element – the so called fourth element – was added for additional design support. This shape is a long stretched repetition of the shape of a flag with several hues that can be coloured in three light greys.

The added value

The new corporate identity for BESIX Group is more than one or two flags, it’s thé symbol of BESIX. As a trademark it can be used for making a mark. Not only in the form of several stationary items and office applications, but also - for instance – as a ‘crown’ on the building sites worldwide.


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