Being Total International

Being Total International

Meet our team of internationals

We are strategists, entrepreneurs, designers, writers, marketers, filmmakers, planners, information architects and programmers from all over the world.

We belong to the people who can help you and who will accompany you when you decide to reinvent yourself on an international scale. We will set you the challenge to live up to your ambitions from Bombay to Mexico. Together with all the Total Identity team, we will develop your identity; we will connect your people to your brand; we will make your identity vivid and we will bond all your stakeholders to your vision.

From Spain, Italy, Poland, Macedonia, The United States, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, France, Lichtenstein, Belgium to India...

                                                                 We are #BeingTotal and here are our stories…

Tabi Aziri

Macedonia - Designer at Koeweiden Postma

"I love to bring exceptional designs to exceptional clients. My thing is creative thinking: exploring new possibilities, being bold and to let myself loose into the creative process. Koeweiden Postma and Total are great places to explore and enhance my skills, so my answer to: Are you #BeingTotal? Yes, I am."

More about me here

Chiara Verdoliva

Italy - Design Trainee at Total Identity -2015/16

"My experience at Total Identity was totally fantastic.
In totality, I’ve learned so much, personally and designly speaking.
I’ve worked with a team that totally inspired me to improve myself day by day and help me to find my identity.
More than colleagues, I’ve totally found friends.
Thanks to everyone smile emoticon.
I am so #BeingTotal"

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Gregory Khrabrov

St Petersburg - Brand strategist at Brandson

"What I really appreciate in my work are the Research & Development opportunities.
There are not many professions in which you can improve processes, modify variables and constantly innovate your work methods.
Branding requires an up-front, holistic approach, to always stand on the front lines. You always have to find something new as technologies are constantly changing with every passing day.
The only way to lead the market and to surpass our clients' expectations is by constantly searching for optimal customized solutions, and for that we need an ability to acquire more knowledge and to adopt new technologies.
This is the core of our activity - the DNA of our profession and the thing I really like about this.
People are separated from each other not only by the kilometers, but borders exist only in our minds. As for me, the partnership with Total Identity is just a reason to deny the borders.
[The partnership gives me] the ability to look at our work through the eyes of a person from another culture and with another mentality. In the branding industry it is one of the most important qualities for a true specialist."

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Sümeyra Günaydin

Germany - Junior designer at Total Identity

"I started at Total as a graphic design intern in 2014. I have then grown to be a junior designer. As a designer I appreciate the freedom that we are given to create new opportunity and to nurture our passions. What I particularly enjoy is too bring together ideas, strategy and design activities (from typography to illustration) into reality with concrete results."

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Vincent Rheinberger

Liechtenstein - Design intern at Total Identity - 2015/16

"Total Identity feels like home thanks to my colleagues. I like to work with my team and to explore new opportunities with them. Ever since I started working at in this agency, I feel I have been challenged to always go further, always push my ideas to grow more. Felix gave me a lot of responsibilities, and I am truly thankful to him, but I am the proudest when clients appreciate our work and let us know about it."

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Camille Marie Raymond

France - Marketing Researcher at Total Identity

"All I want to say is thank you. Thank you Total for having gathered such an amazing team of professionals here. Thank you for accepting our differences and making it your strenght. Thank you for looking after us and to let us give our best shots."

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Jason Yergeau

USA - Software developer at Total Active Media

"Design thinking, working out scenarios and applying it to my creative work is something I really learned how to do here. Total Identity has a design background, but what "design" means in 2016 has evolved into something less visual but every bit as interesting as it was fifty years ago. I look at grid systems from Wim Crouwel and I think, yeah, we still do that, but the grids are running more on our servers than on our posters.
About the Netherlands, this country operates on good planning, mutual agreements and living up to your word. There is a moment for negotiation, and after that, you need to deliver as a team. Those elements exist where I come from as well, but charisma played a bigger part in leadership. This shift towards strict organization helped me look farther down the pipeline and get a better grip on my projects.
Working in the cultural heritage and journalism sectors has been extremely rewarding. We're collaborating with professional writers, historians, curators and archivists who are very sensitive to the content we produce and present. There's an ethics at work in the tiniest visual details. Right now I'm busy with the Jewish Cultural Quarter website. We are exposing tens of thousands of cultural objects online, and in the process of featuring and organizing this collection; we're also confronting different aspects of Jewish identity. Where is it located? Who does it include? How do you access it? Technological systems tend to lean towards an encyclopedic way of ordering things, and sometimes museums look to present their collections in just such a way -- let's show everything Holland has offered the art world, from Rembrandt to Mondriaan -- but that's not always the case. Finding technical solutions that fit complex identities takes a bit of maneuvering, and that's the work I find most interesting."

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Maximilian Pecher

Germany - Designer at Koeweiden Postma

"KP gave me the opportunity to grow my skills, and by that I mean I had the possibility to work on projects on a higher scale than expected. My managers are giving me lot of responsabilities and freedom to investigate and to become more open minded. As a designer I strive to make visible what is hidden. I tell visual narrations through illustration and info graphics."

More about visual storytelling and my work here

Clara Cousin

France - Design intern at Total Identity - 2016

"Being an intern at Total Identity is willing to learn as much as possible from anything that can bring something to you. Here, there are a lot of people from different places with different experiences. All that variety helps you enlarge your own world and see culture, design, communication, in a new way. The best part probably is not as expected the variety of people and experiences, but it is, that those people actually want you to learn and to create something too. Several times, I have been told that interns are here to bring creativity and to think out of the box. And anything that can communicate can be considered as an option, in a global process. Truly, Total Identity wears its name well."

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Elena Yufereva

St Petersburg - CEO at Brandson

"We operate on different markets, identify new niches and form blue oceans helping our clients to launch and develop their businesses. Every new project is both new challenge and quest we have to complete with all our experience, knowledge and intuition. We prefer long term relations with our clients to follow their new achievements and adjust their marketing and brand strategy if needed. We have to keep up with every new trends & methods from different markets to be ahead of times. The international partnership gives us opportunity to travel and expand our perspectives, while constant technology development helps to find new non-trivial ways of completing our project objectives. I work in a team of clever intelligent people who are capable of being quick on the uptake in various aspects of business, culture, science and politics. Having considerable cross-branch experience, every team member does its own part in total result, decorating it with one’s unique features .I'm really happy that together we can work on different ambitious projects, learning from each other and increasing our professional level."

Get to know more about Brandson here

Natalia Bourges Aguirre

Mexico - Junior designer at Total Public

"Working at Total Identity is a great adventure; since I started I have grown both personally and professionally.
I learned to make awesome presentations, to have fun with my teammates, to develop a project from scratch and to manage all the challenges involved. Besides this, I have been supported and encouraged to: explore new subjects, learn new skills and to apply them to my every day work, now I am killer at concept thinking and good at after effects and I can (almost)(not really) speak Dutch. My favorite word is ‘mierenneuken’."
Now, if I may, I would like to mention that The Netherlands is a warm country, no I don’t mean the weather, and yes, it is better in Mexico. I mean warm thanks to the people. I love the way everything is so organized and all the amusing things you spot on the streets: moms with bikes that look like kindergarten, and lost ducks among others.
With all the projects, I have worked on at Total, has come new challenges, from building an identity from scratch, maintaining the values of an existing one, even though I like to push the boundaries and I always enjoy seeing how far I can go without trespassing - too much (laugh).
My favorite project has been FoodUp! It was the first project where I experienced complete freedom design wise. We have created a very nice playful brand."

Check some of my projects here

Cristina Serra Anfres

Spain - Designer at Total Active Media

"I came to Amsterdam to follow a dream, to follow Wim Crouwel’s teachings. Being a graphic designer does not define me. I like to experiment, not with colors and shapes, which are for me, just tools, but with the concepts that lay beneath them. Everyday I challenge myself to learn more and to go further, I want to design the same way that a stroke of a brush handed by Miguel Barceló would dance on a canvas; A first hesitant and genuine, but then, audacious and mighty. Growing in Barcelona, surrounded by Gaudi artworks makes you turn ideas and concept inside out. And for me, this is #BeingTotal."

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