Approaching identity from the 4d perspective

'The best way to predict the future is to design it.'

In Discover, we study people's lives, behaviour and context. We look for deeper insights into the lives and motives of customers, end users and the people in your organisation. We then describe this information in the objective, and how it may be used to reach your customers and offer them sustainable added value.

Identity development means awakening ambition.

Total Identity approaches Identity & Change issues on the basis of trend and market analysis, knowledge of the services in your sector, and insight into what people need and what drives them. The ambitions in your environment, of your organisation and employees are essential to developing the identity: what is the value we want to offer? That is the key question.

Customer insight linked to business models.

Via business-development scenarios, the people in your organisation will look for the sources of their strength. This exploration of their ambitions and what motivates them is linked to market demand and your customers. We look at all interested parties who are involved with your services. This leads to the creation of relevant business models in a market that changes with the times.

'You cannot be anything unless you dream it first.'

Which opportunities does the defined ambition offer your organisation and the people who work there? Dream is the phase of storytelling and awareness in which we learn to clarify a changing environment and changing role within this environment. What are we capable of as an organisation? What does this mean for me as an employee?

No loyalty without storytelling.

Your people will start to take action once they understand their capabilities as a result of an awareness of your organisation's goal. Total Identity provides methods and programmes to encourage your employees to commit to the story of your organisation. To achieve this commitment, we use communication and storytelling tools. People in your organisation are asked to record their experiences, assess developed panoramas, and provide detailed interpretations of these within the context of the reality of everyday life.

Co-creation of ideas and stories.

Exchanging ideas does not require a great deal. We use visual means to enable us to communicate a lot of complex information, and make it manageable. We work with the experts within your organisation and tomorrow's end users on new communication or service concepts.

Creating the story and allowing it to come to life

Total Identity designs Branding & Activation concepts. Focus and participation develop thanks to rich content, customised perceptions, and an intelligent approach to what motivates customers. Involving the audience is essential to these efforts: by giving the target group a role in the design process, your support base grows and with it, your success. Design is interpreted in broad terms here, from making plans and 'shaping' customers to designing the organisational processes and the branding and presentation of these. At Total Identity, design is a verb we use to indicate the creation of solutions which supplement people's lives and work, and which serve as a continual confirmation of your brand.

Presenting the 'customer journey' and points of contact in the market

In a 'customer journey', we map out one person's perception of the entire service, from start to finish. All of the points of contact between the customer and the organisation are examined, from the customer's arrival to the time they purchase the service. We also monitor the force field in which you provide your service, thus helping us to develop a dialogue with your customers and stakeholders. This way we create images and experiences, and also 'instal' antennae to detect bottlenecks and determine where intervention is necessary. We take this information and use it to (re) design your processes.

'Organisations are destiny in action.'

The objective of organisations is no longer just a task-oriented one; it is also to disseminate knowledge, share a body of ideas, encourage people to innovate, connect people, to position and to create a profile. By continually attuning behaviour and actions to the attainment of the common goal, the organisation can achieve its 'destiny'. The shared ambitions have become a set of principles and a framework against which to evaluate actions.

Concrete services

Once your organisation actually starts taking action and innovating, it will arrive at its true destination. During the previous phase, a shared image appeared of the possibilities, the brand was developed and draft principles were named. The purpose of this is for employees to focus on achieving the common ideal in their day-to-day activities.

The effect of resources

These day-to-day activities may be defined via programmes and organisational proposals, from new business models to the layout of a room. Branding & Activation means that the selected resources are applied as a tool for achieving a certain effect amongst and between people. All communication, organisation, process and interaction design that are necessary to maintain a unique position in the market are ultimately incorporated into your organisation this way.

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