Annual Reporting 2014

Annual Reporting 2014

From clickable pdf to online reporting

An annual report is more than just a report on the year gone by. It presents an excellent opportunity for your organisation to convey consistency and communicate with your stakeholders. It is a far cry from a one-sided calling card from the boardroom; it has become a reflection of how the company is performing within its current context and how it connects with its environment. It has moved on from recalling ambitions, objectives, a vision of the future and accountability to communication and interaction. Over the years the annual report has grown into a strategic instrument which is able to regard business goals from the perspective of how the company impacts society.
The amount of interactivity has grown considerably with the times. While the first tentative steps were taken with annual reports as digital PDFs, the interactive annual report has been perfected still further with multimedia and interactive elements that have increased the relevance of the publication. Some organisations have already come a long way, whereas others are still in unexplored territory.
With over 200 annual reports produced over the past 10 years we are in a position to accompany you and your company on this journey of developments and new possibilities.
Thanks to additional digitisation, distribution is simplified and reach has been sharply increased. The content is unlocked in a manner relevant to the target group and, perhaps most importantly, everything is measurable. For instance we collect information about the editorial angle (most read topics) and the interest level (average reading time). With new developments such as 'open' standards like XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language), even purely financial reports can deliver remarkably interesting applications.
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10 reasons for publishing digitally

1. Optimum reach for minimal distribution costs
2. Growing need for quickly accessible content
3. Optimal transparency and deeper knowledge where required
4. Visual experience instead of textual commentary
5. Dynamic, interactive and animated graphics.
6. Quick and efficient production process with online editing tool
7. Optimisation of in-company data-flows based on XBRL
8. Cost effective in terms of printing material and distribution
9. Secure and reliable transfer and exchange of data
10. Exact measurability; reports and appraisals 

Product facts

• Analysis of finished productions
• Inventory of target groups and content
• Inventory of reporting requirement
• Structure and interface design
• Text and image production
• Compilation and delivery of publication
• Measurements, reports and appraisals 

7 simple steps

• from once-only to continuous
• from looking back to looking forward
• from distinguishing to linking
• from broadcasting to relevance
• from accountability to questioning
• from presentation to co-creation
• from distribution to dialogue
• from printing to sustainability 

Product description

These days, we are all reasonably aware of the benefits of a digital annual report. However, the differences between a clickable PDF and a complete Online Report are huge. The way content is unlocked and the extent to which interaction is possible largely determine the impact of the publication. The relevance to various stakeholders is significantly raised and the level of transparency is increased. What's more, the Online Report lays the foundation for future publications, meaning that product investments in subsequent years can be cut down to a minimum. Extending the reporting mechanisms is also among the options. This enables the creation of real-time reports for in-company use at various levels throughout the year.

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