Europe: Ahrend

Europe: Ahrend

Dutch office furniture supplier shifts to office service provider

Creative concepts. Brand new products. New materials. Interactive and cooperative thinking about the living, working and learning environments of the present and the future... Ahrend!

The question

Ahrend designs durable working, learning and living environments that are stimulating to the people moving around in them. With over one hundred years of experience, and a royal label, Ahrend is a top international player for the working environment. However, market conditions are changing and customers are asking for flexible, innovative concepts rather than for durable and functional design. The somewhat conservative character and image of Ahrend should therefore be adjusted.

The challenge

We challenged Ahrend to make a shift: from office furniture supplier to office service provider of turnkey solutions. It’s not about working spaces, but about the experience that you offer and the interaction with humans. In short, together with Ahrend we created a strategy with a focus on the human factor.

The concept

Humanising_spaces is the new pay off that says it all. Ahrend builds spaces around people to make them perform successfully. We also created a mental label: Co_Create Now. This is an invitation to employees, customers, partners and suppliers to work together with Ahrend on creating innovative, inspiring and effective working, learning and living environments. It’s a platform for internal as well as external communication. Co_Create Now is a statement, a connection between past and future, it’s urgent, it’s here and now and – last but not least - for you and me.

The added value

Marketing Communications Manager at Ahrend Remon van Rijn about the new perspective: ‘We now see new opportunities that go far beyond the systematic placement of tables, chairs and cabinets. We know how people move, how they function optimally, communicate and excel. Independently and in interaction with others. Here and now we’re working with other parties on the cutting edge of our field’. The naming of Ahrend’s flagship store was also owned by us. The flagship store is more than a showroom. It’s a platform for sharing ideas and inspiration through workshops and theme nights. With this revised customer focus Ahrend welcomes, understands and affirms the critical customer that is free in his choices...

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