About Total Identity Group

About Total Identity Group

One group, one vision, five propositions

The World is constantly changing. Economic, technological and social developments continually force your organisation and employees into adaptation, improvement and renewal. Existing routines become outdated, organisations need greater adaptive capability and your stakeholders are all looking for focus, meaning and significance. 

The Total Identity Group will help you find the solution. In an ever-changing context, your actions require sharp positioning and clear profiling. Your binding powers and the characteristics that make you stand out will produce a company image that has to match your collective ambition: the organisation’s identity and what you want it to signify. Identity is the basis of all we think and do.

We will set you the challenge of really defining your ambitions. Therefore we will develop your identity with you (Discover); we will connect your people to your identity (Dream); we will make your identity tangible (Design) and we will activate your relationships according to your new identity (Destiny). In so doing, we will help you create the right internal starting point for your external actions and you will have the right strategic and communicative instruments at your disposal, whether it’s a question of change processes, external image formation or activation and conversion. 

We will achieve the desired change and the right impact by designing both the process and communication. The central notion is design thinking: a creative approach and attention to motives, communication, form, balance and aesthetics. The results are backed internally and achieved externally, so you won’t simply react to change, you will help shape it and you will be prepared for the challenges that ensue.

Fit for the future

Partners of Total Identity

Our group has representitives in Berlin and Braunschweig (wirDesign), Bremen (Sommer), Saint Petersburg / Moscow (Brandson Media Group) and Seoul (CDR Korea).

Who we are

We are strategists, writers, designers, marketers, filmmakers, event-managers, information architects and programmers. Our work area runs from app development to boardroom consultancy and logo design to citizen participation. Our clients are among the top of the Dutch public sector and B2B companies. Their business cases are complex. Their problems equally. As they make their way in a dynamic world, we work with them to brand strategies that best fit their organizational strategies, we design inspiring communication and we manage synchronized marketing programs. So we ask our customers to be better understood, more effectively compete, grow faster and more loyalty to build their audience.

We make our customers 'fit for the future' and thus contribute to their success.


The Total Identity Group provides integral services in which strategic advice is linked to creative developments. Positioning and communication issues are approached from market research, a professional understanding of providing services, and the long-standing tradition in conceptualization that characterizes our group. In addition, the Total Identity Group keeps investing in innovative communication solutions for design, issues management, multichannel publishing and identity management, matching those organizations that identify the market dynamics as being vital for their own business. 

The Total Identity Group consists of three operating companies: 

Amsterdam (HQ), The Hague, Antwerp




  • Harry Smeets
  • Martijn Arts
  • Hugo van den Bos
For more information about our group, please do not hesitate contacting us: 

Harry Smeets

M +31 653 950 200

Martijn Arts

Managing director, Total Active Media
T +31 20 750 94 25

Hugo van den Bos

Managing director, KoeweidenPostma
T +31 20 612 19 75

Renaat van Cauwenberge

Brand builder, Antwerpen
M +32 476 840 517