3D Printing: the new industrial revolution


25 November 2012

We are happily working on a new, cool project for 3D Systems, the leading global provider of content-to-print solutions. 3D printing is the currently leading innovation trend in an industry where 3D Systems holds an imporant role. Therefore we are equally excited to join 3D Systems at the Euromold 2012 fair in Frankfurt this week (27-30 November), where the latest innovations in 3D printing will be featured. 

Keep an eye on this page in the next few weeks! We will post new updates about our work for 3D Systems and about innovation in 3D printing.


4 December 2012

On Friday, 30th November, our Three Total Active Musketeers (Martijn, Jason and Paul) drove to Frankfurt, Germany to meet with 3D Systems. During the last few weeks we collaborated closely with their teams in Amsterdam and the USA to design and develop their new website.  It'll go live shortly.

3D Systems is the world industry leader in 3D printing, and EuroMold B2B Fair was a great opportunity to come together at an event where our client shines -- showing off their latest wares, and demonstrating what these amazing, futuristic devices can do.  The buzz over home printers stems from an industry that's 25 years in development, and it's exciting to see the great leaps forward made in just the past year.  Cathy Lewis, Marketing VP of 3D Systems, was a graceful and patient tour guide, answering all of our geeky questions about how things work, and even set us up with a brand new, beautiful 3D Cubify printer -- in orange, our huisstijl color!  So.  Cool.

As we speak, the printer is producing a 3D logo of one of our clients.  The 3D future is here!  To be continued...