‘Brand Thinking’ tutorial

‘Brand Thinking’ tutorial

Fashion Lab visit to Total Identity, 25-01-2014

On Thursday, 28 November 2013, 12 talented designers from Fashion Lab gathered at Total Identity to take part in a creative workshop: ‘Brand Thinking in Fashion’. The workshop was intended to engender a new, innovative and inspiring view of their own creations. Bob van der Lee showed them that brand thinking is not applied anywhere as well as it is in the fashion industry: “With the largest brands, 70% the market value is determined by the value of the brand and just 30% by the material assets.”

The designers were handed six crucial tips forming part of the brand compass, which is the foundation of any strongly integrated brand.

  1. Tell your story; what is the story of your brand? Without a story, your brand misses a heart. A story arouses emotions: it makes sure that your target group is touched and offers you a line to hold on to when you have to make difficult strategic choices.
  2. Make the identity of your brand come alive through, for example, an inspirational book that makes the story you are telling tangible and real.
  3. Give your brand character by consciously choosing a fashion archetype.
  4. Think digitally and build your proposition primarily online as a basis for your strategy.
  5. Activate your identity to ensure interaction and create fans by involving them in your brand.
  6. Make sure that you manage your brand digitally! You brand is your most valuable asset.

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