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Our new management

After eight years at the company, Bob van der Lee will leave Total Identity. Harry Smeets will take over his role as CEO.

About Total Identity Group

Profile of the Total Identity Group. With her companies: Total Identity (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Antwerpen), Total Active Media, Total Public, Koeweiden Postma en C&F Report.


Worldwide branding

A global brand strategy needs a characteristic signature. The LG brand communication is organized around the specific combination of life-loving optimists, visual brand properties as derived from the geometrical brand icon and recognizable text messages.

Royal FloraHolland Logo

Royal FloraHolland

Royal FloraHolland is world’s biggest flower auction. They are the facilitator of the fastest logistical chain in the world...


Rebranding of De Nederlandsche Bank

With the advent of new management there is a change program deployed. Working on financial stability and confidence is the motto. In the European field, De Nederlandsche Bank joined the Eurosystem by the European Central Bank. The introduction of the banking union is characteristic of the new (international) role of DNB.


Total Identity is BrandMaker’s exclusive partner for the Benelux

From now on, Total Identity is to be the distribution partner for the Benelux of the global market leader BrandMaker’s exclusive brand management systems. 


Corporate video

We are strategists, writers, designers, marketers, filmmakers, information architects and programmers.
Our work area runs from app development to boardroom consultancy and logo design to citizen participation.


Strategic cooperation with Brandson Media Group

A bridge to connect with Russian knowledge, culture and creativity

brands and trends.png

15 Marketing and BrandingTrends for 2015

15 is the combination of the number 1 (representing leadership and forward movement) and the number 5 (numeric for business and finance)...

online reporting

Global: Ahold Reshaping reporting

Financial and strategic reporting is an essential control mechanism for Royal Ahold...


Being Total International

We’re happy to introduce you to our team of international and dedicated professionals! 

We are strategists, entrepreneurs, designers, writers, marketers, filmmakers, planners, information architects and programmers from all over the world


Beauty Bank

Beauty Bank is an initiative that recognizes this and aims to help the less fortunate break out of their isolation by creating affordable beauty treatment. Total developed the visual language.


Global: GustoMSC

GustoMSC is an internationally operating engineering company specialising in the development of mobile offshore units...



The Total Identity Group consists five operating companies in Amsterdam (HQ), The Hague, Eindhoven and Belgium (Antwerp). In Germany (Berlin, Braunschweig and Bremen) and Korea (Seoul) we have representitives


Belgium: Brussels & I

The name is Br(ik. It refers to ‘Brussels… and me’. Br(ikken is also a verb that stands for the connecting, pro-active mentality of the organization. And the name is in line with the core values of the organization: authenticity, personality and real time. The organization has two major roles...


Digital Asset Management

3-minute introduction in high-end brand management. From digital asset management and workflow optimization to great campaign management.


Zapposium report 26/11/2015

November 26 we invited our relations for an evening full of inspiration and ideas. More than 250 friends and colleagues were invited to join us to explore the latest development creations in the field of identity and branding.


Passionate about taste

Victor Russo is an enthusiastic young Italian entrepreneur, who from early on in his life had a passion for Italian cuisine. Now he wants to start an Italian osteria franchise.

IHC Merwede technology innovator corporate identity

Global: IHC Merwede

Together with the management of IHC Merwede, Total Identity developed a vision on the organization and its position in the market. We wanted to make the company visible and strong - as a The Technology Innovator. To help them improve their image, we challenged them to become one company with a solid name, brand and identity. A company resistant to recessions and able to compete with other major players operating on a global scale.

The City Brandscaping Model

The flavour of a city or more precisely its brand is entirely experiential, perceptual and continuously changing. The City Brandscaping Model will help us map brand images of cities and shape their identities for tomorrow’s economic health of our metropolises.

Total xchange Q1-15

Photo report of our q1-2015 internal knowledge market.


i-Base is updated centrally, enabling every user to automatically communicate using the correct corporate style.

Creating content together with your readers

Author: Fleur Schrader
Are you involving the users of your content before developing it? The future of co-creation lies in personal customisation, whereby the process with the reader already exists in the development phase. Actively involve clients and stakeholders in the process and develop the narrative together.

WHAT! The Real Estate Community

Get to know WHAT!, the virtual real estate community where work, knowledge, capital & networking come together. WHAT! is a market-wide initiative by entrepreneur Hasse Dekker designed to unlock the real estate market.

Global: Bavaria

What Bavaria has brought about over the past few months is not simply a rebranding. The Swinkels family, which has run the brewery in Lieshout, Brabant for more than 300 years, wanted to get back to basics. The result is that the heritage has visibly returned with renewed 21st century.

identity & branding in 10 models

Identity & Branding in 10 models

Author: Renaat Van Cauwenberge
Schematic tools to assist the understanding of complex problems and the identification of solutions

Total Identity Brand Management Tools

Corporate design programs are firmly based on the activated fire assests. Manage and develop requires a conscious design of the organization for marketing and communications. Compatible with the most effective tools.

5 decades of excellence

When I first entered this company, I felt something was happening here. What happened, was a group of people thoroughly committing themselves to a certain subject ...

Hack the Brain 2014: hackers hack brains

Author: Martijn Arts
Will it be possible for us to replay our dreams in the future? Are you going to be looking for your future partner online based on the results of a brain scan? Could you remotely make use of someone’s gift for maths? Or are we going to link our brains to one another to create one intuitive ‘super brain’?


The corporate story creates shared points of departure for all communications going out to all stakeholder groups and can be retold. Furthermore, employees connect the why, how, what, who & when in light of the past, the present, and the future.

Global: Royal Van Zanten

With 150 years of history, Koninklijke Van Zanten is the world’s largest company that produces organic material for breeders. A universal yet unique corporate identity helps to create a uniform and powerful global presence.

Trends in corporate reporting 3

Author: Pieter Koenders

The materiality analysis is like an MRI scan which provides insight into the consideration between relevance, significance and influence.

Koeweiden Postma in relaunch

The Amsterdam design agency, Koeweiden Postma has announced that it is to be relaunched by becoming part of the Total Identity Group...

NEW BOOK: Identity Colour Codes

Felix Janssens - creative director at Total Identity - in collaboration with Hollandse Hoogte and Bis Publishers produced the book Identity Colour Codes about the binding powers of colours.

Highlights of 50 years of design

50 years: 1963 - 2013
Our story in short...

Brands of the future must stimulate and entertain

Author: Mir Verkaaik

People no longer trust what the advertiser says, which has resulted in the consumer now taking centre stage in the marketing mix.

Manage the gap

Author: Saskia Dijkstra

Identity and brand are inextricably linked to each other. A brand without identity is heading towards dismantling its 'being'. An identity without a brand doesn't generate any volume. What is important is that we know the difference...

‘Brand Thinking’ tutorial

The workshop was intended to engender a new, innovative and inspiring view of their own creations.

About Asia forms bridge between Europe and Asia

Total Identity has joined forces with About Asia, a group of young entrepreneurs who are busy bridging the continents of Europe and Asia. Our recent activities for Chiel Jedang and LG in South Korea have shown that there is a huge need and great demand for powerful and thought-provoking corporate design among the larger Asian corporations. 

Global: Kranendonk

Using what is known as a ‘brand compass’, the various aspects of the new positioning are mapped out. Kranendonk as Technology Centre is placed in the centre; the four key roles form quadrants around it. These roles are translated into core values...

Takeover by Total Identity Group

Pieter Koenders and Total Identity Group in Amsterdam, have together taken over C&F Report, a specialist...

Management Team 2013

Total Identity best Dutch communications agency

Managers of almost 600 companies have named Total Identity as the best communications & advertising agency in the Netherlands.

Russia: Sochi Park

The first and prime theme park of Russia makes Russian culture globally accessible thru magical design...

Holland: PinkRoccade Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is going through difficult times. The costs of cure & care as well as mental health care are increasing...

grand depart tour de france

Tour de France Grand Départ 2015

Photoreport Zapposium; 50th anniversary of Total Identity

Brand guides

Europe: Equens sharing insights

Europe: Le Salon des Femmes

Dutch: EasyWalker

Europe: Ordina

Global: Van Leeuwen

Holland: BoerCroon

BoerCroon has been active at the top of the Dutch corporate world and government since 1973.

finc kennisplatform


Corporate handwriting

Brand compass

With the brand compass of Total Identity, your challenges regarding positioning are being made communicative for all co-workers. We deliver a total product which rises through several workshops with key persons of your company.

Event Optimizer

Event Optimizer is a versatile, flexible, tablet-based collection of apps that adds value to your event by uniquely identifying and connecting all event guests with each other... 


The Communication-scan gives you an extensive insight of your perceived image. The scan examines if the organisation-identity lines with the image of the company.

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HPO scan

Global: Royal Boon Edam

Global: Holland Financial Centre

The customer is dead, long live the network!

Optimum brand experience

Incorporate identity

The customer is king

Total Identity 2.0

Europe: Equens SE


Conversion dashboard

Global: KLM Cargo

total identity ibase identity management brand stategy identity design brand engagement brand activation brand identity corporate typeface design brand design brand alignment corporate design brand positioning

i-Base 5.0

Global: Royal BAM Group

The Royal BAM Group has expanded its activities extensively, leading to a need for an identity that facilitates growth and creates clarity.

Italy: Vigilius

Powel logo

Norway: Powel

Europe: Vaillant

Total Identity executed an international audit to plot the status quo and brand perceptions in the different markets and countries on an AS-IS basis.

Engage #2

Sweden: Net Entertainment

SWEDEN: Net Entertainment is a premium world leading supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems used by some of the world’s most successful online gaming operators.

Russia: Zumla

A new interactive sensation from the Russian Federation.

Trends in corporate reporting

Trends in corporate reporting 2

Author: Pieter Koenders

What we have noticed with a lot of reports is the lack of structure.

Equens: Sharing insights

Annual Reporting 2014

An annual report is more than just a report on the year gone by. It presents an excellent opportunity for your organisation to convey consistency and communicate with your stakeholders. 

Europe: Thalys

Four European rail companies have united forces in creating the first international rail network: a high-speed line that connects Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne and Brussels.

Global: Royal Haskoning

Belgium: Br(ik

The Flemish government wants the Flemish higher education institutions in Brussels to join forces with Quartier Latin, the leading provider of housing for Flemish students in this city.

It's not the design. It's the mentality.

The new organizing

Internship for design talent

We always find a place for motivated, inquisitive interns pursuing an education in interaction and graphic design. If you have what it takes, let us know right away!



If you share the same views and wish to come work with us, please check our job openings and email us your CV, together with a short description or sketch of the ‘challenger’ in you.

Holland: Amsterdam Fashion Week

The particularly sensitive brand

Holland: Stern Group

Trends in Corporate Reporting

The effect of Social Media

Total Identity: Made in Italy



Everyone is conversation manager

The expressive organisation


Shifting worlds

Being the Challenger

Europe: Vedior

Korea: ShinYoung and G-Well

Europe: Schiphol THEGROUNDS

Benelux: GITP

Holland: BNG

Europe: Ahrend

Global: Besix Group

Korea: CJ Group

CJ Group is one of the biggest conglomerates of Korea. A strong and corporate typeface and a clear design system bring together a growing number of CJ  ...

Digital marketing - 10 trends, 10 models, 10 must-read books

The making of... Total Design

Korea: Hyundai Card

Korea: Hanaro Telecom

Egypt: Hospius

Europe: Qizini

Approaching identity from the 4d perspective

Reinventing Journalism


3D Printing: the new industrial revolution

Knowledge platforms 2.0

One World launches global Data Atlas

Name Development Fun.ki

We helped Cartamundi to find a name for a totally new concept in the world of digital entertainment using a strategic and co-creative approach to naming.

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